Selasa, 24 November 2009

Rihanna Oral Sex Jay-Z For Success?

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LOS ANGELES - Rumors tilted against Rihanna. She called her husband to sell sex to Beyonce Knowles, Jay-z, so that as a singer. Negative rumors were quickly refuted Rihanna.

Rumors are circulating widely in Barbados, Rihanna homelands. Umbrella chanter was mentioned selling her body to Jay-Z as a new career as a singer up.

What a sad Rihanna rumors were unfounded. Moreover, ex-boyfriend Chris Brown was heard one rumor says, he did oral sex to Jay-Z. She had cried cruel gossip.

"The rumor was prevalent in Barbados. Disgusting. It makes me feel weird. They do not know, first met Jay-Z, I'm embarrassed and foreign," Rihanna said that dinukil Legal from Contactmusic, Tuesday (24/11/2009).

Now, after the success achieved Rihanna, she and Jay-Z thought it was ridiculous rumors.

"Jay-Z once said to me, let alone someone going to say. Now the rumors sounded funny in our ears," said the singer of Russian Roulette.

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